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Seeka Noavaran Sayan Company (Sikaweb) is proud to provide the above services with the help of God Almighty and using the experiences and records of its founders in the aviation and tourism industry and with the cooperation of the Spanish company partnering with competitive rates to develop tourism services to The title of Iran's second industry after the oil industry is a gift to the people and the dear country of Iran and Raja Vasegh is in this direction with the help of travel service offices as front line soldiers, trustees and officials of the tourism industry and Mala "Our dear people We are promoting the first place of Iran's industry.Sika Noavaran Sayan Company (Sikaoob) in this great work considers itself in need of the guidance of the loved ones involved and considers any suggestion, criticism, or complaint as a gift to improve the quality and quantity of its services, so we can Don't leave these gifts unattended.

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